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Sou'Wester Adventures

Learn to Sail
Learn to Cruise
in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Check the Nova Scotia Sail Training Schedule for Openings

Nova Scotia Sailing

Courses run from June to September


Learn more about SouWester Adventures

Meet Captain "Sou'Wester"
Eric Grant and
learn more about
the training courses
by watching the
Flash Video.

Check the Nova Scotia Sail Training Schedule for Openings

Sailing Season 2011 Photographs
Click here to see thumbnails and full-size photographs from 2011 Sailing Season

CLICK HERE to watch the Starry Night movie.


Take Sailing Lessons in Nova Scotia....
What could be better?


Cruise with Confidence, with Sou'Wester Adventures.
A CYA Member School.
It will be an Experience to Remember.

Narrowing the gap between watching from shore and enjoying the thrill
of sailing safely and comfortably has never been easier!

Check the Nova Scotia Sail Training Schedule for Openings

Additional Information:

Basic Training | Intermediate Training | Your Instructor | The Training Vessel

It is never too late to learn how to sail.
CYA skills help prepare you for safe casual sailing, charter rental, and for the ultimate dream -
selling the house and joining the live-aboard sailing crowd!

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Sou'Wester Adventures sailing lessons in Nova Scotia

Sou'Wester Adventures
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45 Willow Lane, Western Shore
Nova Scotia, Canada B0J 3M0
Ph. 902-627-4004
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